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Elin Hansson fashion, photo, travel blogger and instagram influencer from Sweden.
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Insta Summer

I get a tingling sensation in my body because of summer. Life feels great at the moment. Slowly, I can feel the vacation mode coming. I I've had some several photoshoots these days. Here are some pictures that I've published on instagram but not yet...

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Gold Dress


Hey lovers! I'm dancing around in the Swedish archipelago wearing this golden dress. I think the dress is really nice during the summer, don't you as well? I really hope that the Swedish summer will arrive soon. I need hot summer nights, salt water and...

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Golden dress


I remember when I first started creating photos and how I really wanted to get that "modern" style for editing. You know when the colors are unnaturally strong and everything is 100% sharp. Nowadays, I really love to create this blurry, analog style for my...

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Cross my mind

  I've completed my exams for he summer! So from now I only need to work instead of doing both. I'm longing for traveling, festivals, being in the archipelago and just create photos! If everything goes as planned I'll leave for vacation already within two weeks....

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Sunflower Dress

PEVIEW Hanged around on this meadow wearing a wonderful sunflower dress. I really like the dress. So speaking of nothing, I would like to say that I'm gonna start blogging again. I know I've been saying that several of times but this time is different. So you...

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Bohemian red dress

Lust for life

I'm currently based in Munich. I'm living here for a Month. I already enjoying this city even though I miss the Swedish spring. But here we have had some summer weather for some couple of days. You can see the lilacs everywhere and it's so...

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Romantic pink blouse and brown hat Elin Hansson fbyelin

Something just like this

The spring is coming and I'm celebrating by wearing pink! Usually I'm not the person wearing pink that often but during springtime I get some kind of craving for this color.  I really love this blouse and I love the flounce details. Really lovely in my...

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Dotted Dress

Hey beauties! I'm strolling around in meeting with the spring wearing this dotted dress. I really feel for spring right now. New beginning, new time and summer time. That sounds just perfect to me. Isn't life beautiful during the spring? Hej finisar! Här strosar jag omkring...

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Marbella Nordic Education

Hey lovers! In collaboration with Nordic Education I'm going to Marbella this summer to get an Fashion Education. Nordic Education offer classes as Make-up Artist, Hair Styler and modeling! So it's a perfect alternative for you who dreams about a career in one of these categories...

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Just love and understanding positivity

Ciao! As influencer I would like to inspire people to shopping responsibly. Therefore, I decided to wear my old dress as blouse. Voilá! Go stylish and go green. So how are you darlings today? Ciao! Som influencer vill jag inspirera till att shoppa ansvarsfullt. Därför valde...

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