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fbyelin porttrait

Be your natural self

In a superficial world I think it's important to skip make-up and styled hair sometimes. The self-esteem is so important, to know that I'm beautiful without those things. I mean for my part it's just about a hobby/job and my way to express myself. But I...

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Cozy autumn fluffy jacket coat

Fluffy for fall

I had this photoshoot close to "Gunnebo" castle this weekend. It's a beautiful and cozy place outside of Gothenburg. You just have to visit if you're here.  Hej lovers, how are you? The autumn has arrived and I prefer just cozy-ing around in fluffy jackets all...

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Visit to Vienna

Last weekend I went to Vienna with my wonderful mum. We had an amazing weekend in Austria, spent some time together and strolled around the city. This city is filled with pretty places such as wine bars and beer pubs but also beautiful buildings. In...

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Green Dress Fbyelin


Hey beauties! So I almost arrived back home after another trip to Munich and the Octoberfest. I visited my lovely friend Gabriele who lives there. It was so cozy to spent time with Gabriele and her friends, nice to hang out with some "locals". We went...

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Carl Edmond Watch

In collaboration with Carl Edmond

Carl Edmond Watch - HERE In collaboration with Carl Edmond. "You should always live your life to the fullest. Never let anyone be in your way, and don't care what other people say. I follow my dream and you should do that as well. Take risks, win...

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Red dress elin hansson

The Lady in Red

Strolled around in the archipelago of Gothenburg in the beginning of august. Now it's september and school has started again which makes me not that excited...

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Sea front Strolling


I can not understand why I haven't been visiting the French Riviera before? Absolutely impossible not to fall for the beautiful coast down there. I went for a spontant trip starting in Cannes, then Nice and made some day trips to Monaco and Italy....

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Some of my pictures from my trip to Spain in July. I had some few photoshoots for Stronger, wore a crochet bikini, had too much sangria, had a great time with my family and just enjoyed the first part of my vacation. This week I...

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Insta Summer

I get a tingling sensation in my body because of summer. Life feels great at the moment. Slowly, I can feel the vacation mode coming. I I've had some several photoshoots these days. Here are some pictures that I've published on instagram but not yet...

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