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Elin Hansson fashion, photo, travel blogger and instagram influencer from Sweden.
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Marbella Nordic Education

Hey lovers! In collaboration with Nordic Education I'm going to Marbella this summer to get an Fashion Education. Nordic Education offer classes as Make-up Artist, Hair Styler and modeling! So it's a perfect alternative for you who dreams about a career in one of these categories...

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Just love and understanding positivity

Ciao! As influencer I would like to inspire people to shopping responsibly. Therefore, I decided to wear my old dress as blouse. Voilá! Go stylish and go green. So how are you darlings today? Ciao! Som influencer vill jag inspirera till att shoppa ansvarsfullt. Därför valde...

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Dreamin of Iceland

PREVIEW Hello darlings! Here you have a preview over the Iceland-inspired photoshoot I had some days ago.  I really love the warm colors combined with the cold white and blue. What do you think? Fingers crossed that I will get the opportunity to go and visit...

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The philippines Elin Hansson


Photos from the Philippines, Thailand and Sweden.  Salt water, snow and sun - my favorite S in the world. I can't get enough of laying on the beach, jump into the salt water and let the sun touch my body. I can't get enough of  the...

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New adventures

Hello Lovers! I'm about to create my own website for the blog so while I'm working on that I will take an active blog pause for some days. Please stay turned, this will be awesome! I really hope that you will follow with me on my...

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There ain’t no one here to blame

Elegance HERE HERE HERE HERE - Adlinks - When you love someone - James TW Hello monday, hello guys out there! The other day I "splashed" around in the rain, today the sun seems to shine. So awesome, I need some vitamin d. Last year at...

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"You're just a daydream away. Never let anyone stop you, never let anyone be in your way. If you're belive in it, then fight for it." - "Du är bara en dagdröm ifrån. Låt aldrig någon stoppa dig, låt aldrig någon vara i vägen. Om du tror...

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Red lips

CLOSE UP This is a elegant version of moi. I'm that person who loves strolling around in bohemian looks. But I really love the combination of red lips and a classic black and white outfit. I think it goes perfect with my blonde hair. Do...

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Shapes Of Me

Some different shapes of instagram pictures I've published these days. I just reached over 230, 000 followers there and I'm so thankful and happy for that. I have an amazing feeling of that I'm getting closer to my dream, that I'm moving one step forward...

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Did it for the fame

The boho queen dancing around in the nature. She just prefer that, instead of dancing in the club. I wish that I had more time left for the blog than I have had these days. Just been too busy with work, my courses and so...

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